Home Improvement Fixing The Fireplace Bricks




Rebuilt Bricks and Mantle

Most Recent Rebuild

Mantle Build



Another home improvement step on a fireplace that was built with the left leg of the face as it appears here and the right leg used to go to the edge of the drywall opening. This was unbalanced and just looked wrong for the room. I’m sure in the beginning the original design had a reason but it doesn’t work now.

So I took all the bricks apart on the right side and I cleaned them up and pulled out the best ones and rebuilt the right leg to match the left leg. Now I will close up the drywall around it and build a mantle around the bricks to make the whole thing POP.

Another build your own mantle- the simplicity of this is probably more up our alley.

Something like this should work nicely

There are many other things to do to this house and this is the first thing you see when you come in the front door. So it really needs to be an awesome looking feature so when potential buyers walk in they can see this as an attraction.

The original heat source in this house was an oil furnace. Somewhere along the timeline of this home they removed the furnace and installed electric baseboard heating. Now we are pulling out the electric baseboard heat and installing natural gas heat, hot water and kitchen range. This will be a nice improvement to the house and a great convenience for the new owners.